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When was the last time you had a good night's sleep? If a snoring partner, noisy neighbour or city traffic is keeping you awake at night, now's the time to take back control of your sleep. Nightbuds are smart earbuds paired to a mobile app that intelligently block noises that interrupt you at night.

Enjoy uninterrupted sleep the smart way with our intelligent noise masking earbuds

Snoring keeping you awake? 

Block out the noise.

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"The best sleep headphones to help you get a restful night's sleep in 2021"

The smart way to block out noise

Intelligent noise masking and passive noise blocking keeps annoying night time disruptions from entering the ears.

Noise masking

Distract the ears

"I live close to a main road. I always have noisy bikes and ambulances zooming past. For a long time, I hated going to bed and kept waking up at night. Until I came across nightbuds, I didn't know what soundless sleep was like. I was falling asleep easier from day 1!"

You don't need to dread bedtime or sleep in a different room. You need one smart device that blocks all the noise that keeps you awake. Discover how nightbuds can change your sleep.

Say goodbye to noise




All night long comfort

Perfect for side sleepers, nightbuds have soft and tiny earbuds that sit deep within the ear, secured by a five-point anchor system

"I hated going to bed, until I came across nightbuds"

of customers fall asleep easier

Listen to your favourite relaxing audio or choose audio from our mobile app, crafted to take your mind of the noise.

Overnight protection

Sleep sensors detect when you fall asleep, fading out your audio and introducing white noise to protect you during the night.

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The sleep you deserve is here

Miriam, Social Worker


"My partner snores a lot. I have to always make sure I get to sleep first. After a while it took a strain on our relationship and I had to sleep in a separate room. But now I have nightbuds, I moved back in! Nightbuds blocks all the snoring. I am so glad to have found them, my sleep quality is so much better!"

"I was sleeping in a separate room to my partner"

improve their sleep quality

Charlie, Software Engineer


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