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Take control of your sleep

nightbuds are comfortable, sleep sensing headphones that empower you to understand and take back control of your sleep

Experience sleep like never before

Comfort in bed

Discover a healthier, happier you with smarter sleep

Leave the world behind and create your own "Kokoon", experiencing relaxing audio escapes, vividly brought to life with our 4D binaural soundscapes

Comfort in bed

Your audio, adapted to you

Noise masking

Mask out snoring or noisy neighbours with noise isolation and dynamic noise masking

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Find your perfect escape

Set your sleep schedule and listen to your favourite audiobooks or podcasts with the added benefit of smart sleep features such as Auto Pause, or Fade Out as you drift off

Sleep coaching

Immersive audio

Created with sleep scientists, NightBuds monitor your sleep providing personalised data, insights and recommendations specific to you, to improve your sleep

Immersive 4D audio

Noise masking

Soft, tiny earbuds sit securely within the ear. Ideal for side sleepers

Your audio, adapted to you

Sleep coaching

Discover Kokoon

A sleep coach in your pocket

nightbuds work with the MyKokoon mobile app to take the guess work out and understand exactly what works to improve your sleep. It's a sleep coach in your pocket!

Personalised data, insights and recommendations

Auto Pause and Fade Out of your favourite audiobooks

Sleep coaching created by sleep scientists

Relaxing audio escapes and guided meditations

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